About us

A company like Blue Candle was born in Zhongshan City. The founding team of this company hopes to serve consumers with innovative products. With just one seed, we can fertilize, irrigate, sow, root, sprout, bloom, and bear fruit. In the rings of time, we can all do something big or small well.
This is a very beautiful era, where DT digital technology and AI artificial intelligence are constructing everything in new ways. In this rapidly changing fertile land of China, which encourages innovation and entrepreneurship for the public, our colleagues are working hard to create products and services that surprise customers.

We use automated production equipment to innovate and continuously improve product quality, providing excellent products for the world and contributing our efforts to a better life for humanity.
A century old company, a century long gathering, gathering every day’s progress, we witness together!
Blue Candle Company’s products:
Slide rail products include aluminum alloy materials, stainless steel materials, and carbon steel materials; Auxiliary materials include PVC, PP, etc. By understanding the properties of the materials and adopting appropriate processes, precise sliding rails are developed and designed.
The slide rail products are applied in the following industries:
Computer office: LCD display lifting system, copier.
Finance: ATM, ADM automatic teller machine systems.
Communication: Server system.
Industrial tools: toolbox, tool cart, tool cabinet, barbecue stove.
Transportation: In car refrigerators, car storage boxes, subways, high-speed trains.
Medical: Ultrasound, X-ray machine, magnetic resonance imaging.
Home appliances: refrigerator, dishwasher, embedded disinfection cabinet.
Furniture: office furniture, civilian home furnishings, cabinets, wardrobes, bathrooms, display cabinets.

We plan to customize electronic ceramics and precision ceramic products, with ceramic materials including alumina, zirconia, aluminum nitride, silicon nitride, boron nitride, aluminum carbide, silicon carbide, etc. By understanding the performance of ceramic materials and adopting appropriate processes, we develop ceramic products with characteristics such as light, sound, and electricity.
Ceramic products are applied in the following industries:
TI Electronics: LCD display accessories, copier accessories.
Communication: Fiber optic connectors.
Semiconductor: Ceramic base.
Circuit board: Ceramic substrate.
Electronic components: ceramic capacitors MLCC, ceramic inductors, sensors.
Valve: Ceramic valve.
Structural components: Ceramic structural components.

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